If you’ve arrived here expecting to find Ellie Guest Massage Therapy, you’ll see things are looking a little different.

I now provide myofascial release therapy and wellness coaching under the name of Ellie Guest Wellness.

Please visit the new site here.


Why myofascial release and not massage?

Myofascial release is probably the best thing you’ve never heard of!

After doing hundreds of hours of massage, I realised that I wanted more for my clients. I wanted to be able to provide the pain relief they needed, as well as finding and treating the cause of their discomfort.

After looking at other therapies I came across myofascial release. I went on a few courses and was hooked. It’s a very gentle and relaxing technique that really makes a difference. I have been astounded at the difference that it makes for the lives of my clients.

I am now an advanced myofascial release therapist, one of only a handful in the country.



Myofascial release is for you if:

You are fed up of living in pain or discomfort

You feel stiff and achey all the time

Your body is heavy and doesn’t want to move

You’ve tried lots of treatments and nothing has helped

Scans and tests from the doctor reveal there is nothing wrong with you, but you feel terrible and don’t know what to do to feel better


I work with men and women who:

Need pain relief from both chronic and acute physical discomfort e.g. lower back pain, stiff neck, shoulder pain

Have chronic pain conditions which affect the way you live your life e.g. fibromyalgia, pain after surgery, pelvic pain syndrome

Are active and use your muscles in a habitual way e.g. runners, cyclists, walkers, yogis

During pregnancy and post pregnancy to alleviate pelvic pain

Above all, I work with people who believe that they can feel better in their body, are willing to try something new and be a part of their own recovery


All first appointments are 1.5 hours long and you will have an initial consultation and postural assessment with around 50 minutes of treatment. This is so that throughout the sessions we can get to the cause of the problem rather than treating the symptoms creating more resilience in your body.


Treatments in Weston Super Mare

Just as you are unique, every treatment is unique and I purposefully only offer treatments of varying times. I use a combination of myofascial release and deep tissue massage with trigger point therapy, mobilisations and neuromuscular techniques. From experience, you will feel better after just one treatment and much better after three or four. You will get consistently thoughtful and excellent treatments from me.


Book or Get in Touch

If you’re not sure whether myofascial release is right for you then get in touch. Either use the contact form or give me a call on 07930 394522 and I’ll be happy to help. You can book online here