What to Expect From Your Massage

Initial Consultation

When you come for your first massage we’ll have a 10 – 15 minute initial consultation so that I can find out more about you and what you’d like from the massage. We’ll work through the consultation form and the information you give me will help me tailor the massage for you. Every massage I do is different so I’ll give you a couple of options and you can decide what works best for you.

Once I know you’re happy with the plan I will explain the next steps – how far to undress, where to put your clothes, how to lie on the table, what to do with the drape – then I will leave the room to give you privacy whilst you get onto the table.

Your Massage

When I come back into the room I will make sure you’re comfortable on the table using pillows, bolsters or blankets. If conventional positions of lying on your front or back don’t work for you then you can try side lying or seated positions.

Once you are lovely and comfortable on the table I will begin the massage we agreed during the consultation, checking in with you about pressure and comfort throughout.

This is your time on the table and my main aim is to make sure you get the best massage possible so please feel free to ask me to change something or to move to get more comfortable.


I work with the utmost respect for your comfort and relaxation so I only uncover the area of your body that I am working on. Once I have finished on that area I will cover it and move to the next area.


After the massage I will leave the room to allow you time to dress and collect your thoughts. There’ll be a fresh glass of water waiting for you to rehydrate whilst we talk about your treatment. If I have noticed anything during the massage, such as tight muscles, imbalances or how your body responds then I will let you know during this time.

In addition to physiology and anatomy, I have a background in personal training and rehabilitation so I have an extensive knowledge of the body. I will make recommendations for any issues you have mentioned. This might be stretching, strengthening or changing habits within your daily routine.

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