I’ve always been really interested in the health and wellbeing of our bodies and minds. This interest began with nutrition and exercise but over time and through my own experience of injury and rehabilitation I found massage. This is the story of how I came to massage – or how massage came to me. I now consider it an integral part of self care to maintain a healthy body and mind.

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Early Days

I joined the army after leaving university and my body was put through its paces. After a year in training I felt pretty broken. From constant activity during training I went to a desk bound job and struggled to adapt both physically and mentally. For many years I had injury after injury and struggled with chronic pain. After several operations to ‘fix’ painful joints, I realised I needed to make a radical lifestyle change. I used my knowledge of health and wellbeing to undertake my own transformational journey. I took up yoga, improved my diet, followed my rehabilitation programme to the letter and started to notice improvements. But I wanted more of a change.

I left the army and re-trained as a personal trainer which I loved. I had the seed of an idea that I could put my degree in nutrition and the personal training together with my experiences to help others achieve their own health and wellbeing goals. That seed has changed along the way and it’s been an interesting journey to get here. Along the way I have worked as a chalet host in Chamonix; worked in high performance sport and seen how the professionals approach health and wellbeing; worked in a progressive coaching environment and seen the power of coaching in changing people’s lives. Every experience helped me fine tune how I could help others, but there was one more piece of the puzzle.

Finding Massage

During my time in the army each time I had an operation I received massage as part of my rehabilitation. It was something that stuck in my mind as a relaxing and restorative experience during demanding times. I had just moved to the Bristol area and started having regular massages to help keep aches and pains away. It was through my therapist that I heard about Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork (BCMB). When I looked into the training course I knew it was exactly the right thing for me to do.

Their approach blended the learning of massage techniques with detailed anatomy, physiology, pathology and self reflection of myself as a person and therapist. It was a busy year of introspection, learning and massage practice, supported by brilliant course colleagues and tutors. In 2016 I proudly qualified as an Holistic Massage Therapist.

I’m A Massage Therapist!

And I love it! As a massage therapist, and now myofascial release practitioner, I focus on you as an individual and take your physical, emotional and mental needs into account each time you come to see me. I work with you to build a plan that’s specific to you and that is enjoyable, as well as therapeutic. I specialise in massage and myofascial release to help with chronic pain, stress relief, niggles from every day living (like sitting at a desk) and exercise related pain. With everything I’ve been through I’m passionate about sharing the wide and varied benefits of massage and myofascial release to help get your body moving so you can live your life to the full. I also work as a Wellness Coach, you can see more about that here: www.ellieguest.co.uk

You can see more about my qualifications and accreditations here.


A keen cyclist, I can often be found cycling around Weston Super Mare and local areas. I am a big fan of cycle touring and in 2012 cycled 2,000 miles from Grenoble to Athens. In 2017 it was 1,400 miles from Seattle to Los Angeles. In 2018 I will be touring closer to home, Weston to Sunderland to Whitehaven.

I regularly practice yoga which I find calming and keeps me flexible, also increasing my knowledge of the body.  Other hobbies include cooking vegan food, skiing, walking, reading, learning new things, gardening and watching films. Although not a hobby, a new addition to the family is Twiglet the cat who arrived in Christmas 2017. She is a joy to have around and has taught me be more cat… There will be a blog post about this at some point soon!

Montage of Ellie's hobbies; Twiglet cat, yoga and cooking

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