‘If you are looking for someone to ease tension points with a firm and specific touch, l would highly recommend booking a massage with Ellie. Her massage is responsive to what is needed and is both soothing and effective. Lovely!’  Fiona


‘Wonderful double session. Ellie was superb! Excellent pressure throughout, so intuitive and I felt completely at ease.’ Jenny


‘…after the initial consultation to find out what I required Ellie was able to perfectly tailor the massage to suit my needs. The pressure she applied was just the right amount to make a difference, without being too hard, and ensured she paid particular attention to the areas I needed it. Her treatment room is a lovely, calming space and the scented oils she used smelt great, I left feeling relaxed and will be back more more!’ Heidi


‘Back and shoulders, pressure firm but just enough to get tension out of the shoulder area. Neck stretch very good. Just what was needed and Ellie was very attentive to my needs. Felt energised and lighter.’ Sue


‘Back and shoulder massage was excellent, the range of movements and more pressure in the right places that needed it. Amazing massage, definitely coming back, many thanks!’ Lucy


‘Lovely confident manner, reassuring but firm touch. I felt very listened to and pressure was perfect. Thank you!’ Anna


‘Ellie discussed which areas I would like massaging before the session and what pressure would be ideal for me. She checked throughout the massage that the pressure was ok. Ellie made me feel very comfortable and checked I was ok with before and after the massage.’ Alice


‘Ellie’s initial assessment was thorough, succinct and welcoming. She quickly identified the areas for treatment. From the outset the pressure and touch was firm and assured and the areas massaged felt significantly less knotty. A very positive and effective massage, thanks Ellie!’ Matthew


‘Ellie wasted no time in getting started which was great and she understood the pain I was in. She gave a fantastic massage which will give me pain relief. Wish we had more time, really enjoyed the massage.’ Liz


‘Very clear assessment of my problem. Exactly the right amount of pressure applied which left my legs relieved from their soreness and my body relaxed.’ David


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