Massage Therapists

If you don’t live in Weston Super Mare and would like a brilliant massage, here are some massage therapists that I highly recommend.

Emma Conlon Massage

Emma is an amazing therapist with a deep, intuitive touch, she now works as part of the BCMB teaching team in Bristol so you can book in with her there.

Jan Prejbisz

Jan works in Easton, Bristol delivering holistic massage to all. He works according to holistic principles which hope to achieve the highest level of functioning and balance for the individual to achieve a state of being fully alive.


I’ll be testing out several yoga teachers and classes over the next few weeks so I’ll update this with Weston based yoga recommendations soon.

Morven Hamilton – Yoga By Nature

MorvenMorven’s approach is to gently guide you into greater body and mind awareness through intelligent alignment principles, physical movement, breathwork and mindfulness techniques. Her classes are also fun and relaxing, allowing space for your busy mind to switch off whilst tuning into your physical body. She has a number of classes in the Weston area which you can find on her website at the link above.

Bristol City Yoga

I love BCY, as soon as you walk into the studio your shoulders drop and your breathing deepens. All the classes are great, but Laura Gilmore’s are my favourite and I highly recommend her retreats as well.

Yoga With Adriene

Online classes with Adriene are great if you want a variety of durations or yoga for different reasons. I enjoy doing her classes when I’m short on time, or want to roll my mat out in my front room.

Self Care Tools

Foam Roller

Trigger Point Massage Balls

Massage Training

Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork

I trained at Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork. The college is an amazing place to learn your massage skills and continually develop as a massage practitioner.

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