Here are a selection of recommendations from my clients to help you decide if I’m the right therapist for you….


‘I had my first massage with Ellie yesterday, and after the initial consultation to find out what I required she was able to perfectly tailor the massage to suit my needs. The pressure she applied was just the right amount to make a difference, without being too hard, and ensured she paid particular attention to the areas I needed it. Her treatment room is a lovely, calming space and the scented oils she used smelt great, I left feeling relaxed and will be back more more!

One year later….

Further to my review last year, and after having had lots of lovely relaxing massages from Ellie, I spoke to her about left knee pain I’ve been living with for 12 years. Ellie suggested trying myofascial release and, having had all sorts of physio, acupuncture, ultrasound and surgery over the years to no avail, I thought I might as well give it a go. I had my first treatment with her yesterday, after having exercised in the morning, and was amazed to spend the rest of the day pain free, at a time where I would normally be feeling the pain and stiffness in my knee, in particular whilst climbing stairs. Even today the pain in my knee is practically non-existent, and I’m looking forward to getting out tomorrow morning to see how it stands up to a bit of exercise! Ellie also carried out a posture assessment and pelvic rebalancing, and I’m amazed at the difference it has made, thank you Ellie!’  Heidi


‘I had my first myofascial release treatment with Ellie last week. I’m 20 weeks pregnant and suffering with pain in my pelvis area. Ellie worked out which muscles were affected and worked her magic! She explained everything thoroughly and it all made such sense with what I had been feeling. After a fabulous treatment the pain I was experiencing had gone and I am so much more comfortable. I would highly recommend Ellie and cannot wait for my next treatment!’  Amanda


‘I had my first massage from Ellie a couple of weeks ago. She was very welcoming and made me feel comfortable, she was very thorough in finding out which treatments would work best for me and explained everything she was going to do. I had a great experience and it really eased the pain I was in. Would 100% recommend.’ Sarah


‘Straight away I knew I’d be in good hands. I’m a science editor so was asking lots of questions during my massage about the rationale for the different techniques she was using on me, and Ellie clearly knows her stuff (and bodies) inside and out. And the massage itself was very targeted (I have lower back issues). I will certainly be going back on a regular basis.’ Sean


‘Ellie gave me a wonderful massage today. As someone who gives this treatment it was lovely to be treated back! I have been after someone who can do this for me and I’ve found her! I feel less tense after one treatment and I loved the environment and care.’  Lizzie


‘If you are looking for someone to ease tension points with a firm and specific touch, l would highly recommend booking a massage with Ellie. Her massage is responsive to what is needed and is both soothing and effective. Lovely!’  Fiona


‘I used to manage therapy rooms in Bristol so I’m lucky to have had a lots of massages. My massage with Ellie was easily among the best. She works intuitively, skillfully and with a totally personalised approach. I left feeling relaxed, spacious and breathing much better. Ellie is friendly and professional and her studio space is beautiful. I highly recommend the experience!’ Morven


‘Wonderful double session. Ellie was superb! Excellent pressure throughout, so intuitive and I felt completely at ease.’ Jenny


‘A super massage from Ellie Guest. Thorough consultation, great manipulation and wonderfully calming environment all combined for a brilliant experience. I have booked a massage for my active children to enjoy some quality relaxation time too as a result. Highly recommend, thank you Ellie!’  Kate


‘I have lots of massages in my time and I can honestly say Ellie is excellent. I asked for a lot of pressure, as I don’t like very light massages, and Ellie gave just the right amount. I had a lot of deep tissue and trigger point work, which was very helpful, and I also left feeling more informed about the musculoskeletal issues I am dealing with.’ Lucy


‘Lovely confident manner, reassuring but firm touch. I felt very listened to and pressure was perfect. Thank you!’ Anna


‘Ellie discussed which areas I would like massaging before the session and what pressure would be ideal for me. She checked throughout the massage that the pressure was ok. Ellie made me feel very comfortable and checked I was ok with before and after the massage.’ Alice


‘Ellie’s initial assessment was thorough, succinct and welcoming. She quickly identified the areas for treatment. From the outset the pressure and touch was firm and assured and the areas massaged felt significantly less knotty. A very positive and effective massage, thanks Ellie!’ Matthew


‘Ellie wasted no time in getting started which was great and she understood the pain I was in. She gave a fantastic massage which will give me pain relief. Wish we had more time, really enjoyed the massage.’ Liz


‘Very clear assessment of my problem. Exactly the right amount of pressure applied which left my legs relieved from their soreness and my body relaxed.’ David


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