Yoga & Massage Wellbeing Experience

Personalised Yoga and Massage Wellbeing Experience   £75

Ellie Guest and Morven Hamilton offer you a personalised yoga and massage wellbeing experience. Two hours of bespoke yoga and massage plus a preliminary consultation.

A therapeutic wellness morning, afternoon or evening catered specifically to the needs of the individual is a wonderful way to return to health and feel relaxed.

This treatment can suit you, whether you want to feel and look your best, find ease in your body or have treatment for a particular condition such as back pain, fatigue, insomnia or anxiety.


We begin with a 15 minute consultation in my beautiful, peaceful studio on the Boulevard in Weston.

You then receive an hour of one to one yoga tailored to meet your needs. Morven can help you to take your first steps into yoga, advance your existing yoga practice, or work with a particular condition or injury. You will receive a programme for ongoing practice if you wish to have one. Morven is a YA certified Senior Yoga Teacher and a teacher trainer.

The second part of the treatment is a holistic massage with Ellie, a truly gifted and highly trained massage therapist. You will be able to lie back, relax and enjoy the blissful feeling of hands-on massage designed specifically to suit you and your body.

Gift vouchers are £75 which gives you a saving of £8 on full price yoga or massage one to one.

The vouchers are beautifully designed and presented in a silver envelope to make it an attractive gift. If you do not wish to receive a physical voucher please let us know when you order.

Treatments take place on Tuesday evenings, Thursday afternoon and evening, Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday.

Please contact me to purchase your voucher.

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